Saturday, October 21, 2006

Taken (Rating: 9/10)

I recently, purchased the Steven Spilberge series called TAKEN.

Its really nice, and I am hooked with it, its about UFO and what happened in Roswell and Area 51. Basically, what I think, is that Spileberge, has taken all the stories and roumours that happen those days and made a movie out of it. So, its like watching a true story, and some my also belive in it.

It all depend on you, do you really think that in those days in Roswell, they were siteings of UFO and flying sourcers, or was it just Government spy planes, and does US government hides the truth and whether indeed there is nothing to hide.

Watch it, its very interesting movie and very addictive as well. And most of all makes you wonder are we indeed alone and what does the USA really hides, CREEPY!

I would rate it 9/10.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hotel California (after 3 weeks of playing the guitar

You all remember my first attemmpt of playing the guitar, and yes I sucked, just scroll twp posts below and you will see what i mean. This is me again attempting hotel california, see if it sounds even remotely the same

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Photo Magic (Rating : 6/10)=> First Attempt

Been having way to many free time. So I thought I should teach myself photo manipulations. I am still new in this, so bare with me, but I think I am doing well, thus I rated myself 6/10, tell me if I deserve it

PS/ try to spot what so different for each photo? IF YOU CAN

Friday, July 21, 2006

Me playing the Guitar since four days (Rating 2/10)

Okay, so I had been having alot of free time these days. My wife owns a guitar that she never used. So I though I should teach myself, you know pass the time. Four days into my lesson, and my fingers are killing, and i think I would call it a quit. However, i think I may have something here I THINK, you tell me

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Post: BattelStar Galactica (Movies Review, Rating: 9/10)

Let me put it this way, I bought the season one three days ago and I finished the entire thing last night.

I think this sums it up all how addictive this series can become. Thanks to Muscati for recommending this to me. And if you liked 24, lost or even Prison break than I think this maybe for you.

One thing to note, although its based in the intergallactic space, but the story line is of day to day happenings. Meaning its not star treck pr babylon type of series, with various creatures and alliens. Its a drama type of series. Basically, whether you are a SCi-FI freak or not, you would love this one regardless, trust me

I cant wait for season two, the one available in Amazon is volume one of season two, I would rather wait for the entire season to be out.

Ps/ Make sure you get the one with the mini series, the one i have which i bought from Amazon comes with mini series, which basically explains the background of the story.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

V for Vandetta (Movie Rating : 9/10)

I will summarize this movie in one simple word "Ideas". Some may find it offending, some may find it Anti-American, but many would find it frightining, as although its a fiction tale, but there resemblance of the real world will live today is just uncanny.

Its a master piece at its best, unlike the many mambo jambo comic hero movies we see these days, this one has a message to tell and not a simple one for that matters. Dont get me wrong, the fighting scenes are superb, the special effects are out of this world, after all the Watchosky brothers of Matrix dude produce it. But what strike me the most is the storyline and how the writer had the insight of foreseeing the political future of the world we live in and make a movie out of it, that makes a person goes hmmmmm

The story goes like this, its about this Masked Villant that goes by the name V, whether its stands for Vendatta or Visous or Violance, i will leave this upto you to decide. However, he is one thing though, a brilliant philanthropist/killing machine bent on taking down the leaders of a near future totalitarian Britain, which is ruled through religious zealotry, uncompromising violence and an all-powerful media. He does it by his art of disguise, sabotage and KNIVES

Again, as much as action/Special Effect/Fighting scene is superb, its the message that it tries to convey that made this movie stands above the rest. Enjoy

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Black Sweat Album By Prince (Music Rating: 9.5/10)

Prince is back after 10 years of silence and one bad album to another. If you recall Prince of Purple Rain, Kiss and when dove cry. This album follows the exact pase and rythem.

And pay particular attention to the song "Black Sweat", one word of caution though, you will be hooked and you would end up humming the song for atleast a month. You will be labled as insane literally

Another song you need to look at is "Lolita", again, make sure you can control your body, because whether you like it or not, it will start dancing by itself.

Overall, each and every song in the album has its own attraction and some sort of addiction. Than again, what would you expect from a person, who mixes funk, jazz and rock in the same song. And what makes the song even more amazing, that everytime you hear it, you discover a new instrument within the song that you didnt hear it the very first time.